Oriana Fine Furniture is based in a bespoke workshop space in the beautiful countryside of west Berkshire, and was founded by Bryony King after completing her furniture-making training. Tutored by Jonathan Markovitz in south Oxfordshire, she acquired and practised the skills and techniques of modern and traditional furniture and cabinet making.

After graduating from Oxford University, Bryony had a successful career in computer programming in fields as diverse as computer games and investment banking.  During this time,  her roles were nearly always focused on understanding clients’ needs and building solutions that satisfied those needs.  Outside of work, she held a keen enthusiasm for making, which manifested in a voracious appetite for crafts of many kinds: fibrecrafts such as knitting, needlecrafts such as sewing, and many other types of making.  Realising that she wanted to move into a more creative and practical field, which would allow her to explore some of these interests further, she began investigating the creative industries.

Bryony was drawn to working with furniture from early on in these investigations: the combination of creativity and practicality was immensely appealing to her, and the potential for working on commissions for clients had a synergy with her previous computer programming work.  In furniture, she found a marriage of usefulness and beauty which was deeply inspiring.  There is a warmth and honesty when working with wood, and the beauty of the finished material speaks for itself.

Bryony is delighted to continue her creative journey with a variety of clients, discovering new truths and solutions for as-yet-unknown challenges and commissions.

Bryony Portrait