Commissioning a piece of craft is a highly individual process, and can be deeply rewarding.  At its root, it is a conversation between the artist and the patron, the building of a dialogue.  The finished piece should reflect the personality of both the clients and the maker.  The result can be an everyday item made extraordinary; an overlooked potential made a real focus; the realisation of something that had always been missing from a room, a home, an office or an outdoor space. Following first contact, we arrange a meeting.  Ideally this will be face to face, ideally at the place where the furniture will ultimately be sited.  This discussion would typically cover the practical specifications for the piece, establish boundaries of size, shape, purpose and, of course, budget.  It provides the opportunity to begin to share ideas, tastes and preferences that will lead us forward in the design process.

The next step will be the presentation of several fleshed out designs, in the form of hand drawings and, where appropriate, computerised three-dimensional drawings or scale models.  At Oriana Fine Furniture, we firmly believe that the route to a successful commission is clear communication, so we encourage you to take the time to consider the designs and give feedback.  All aspects of all designs can be altered to your desires: we want to make something perfect for you. At this point no money will have exchanged hands and it is entirely reasonable for either party to withdraw from the discussions, with no obligation on either side. In this instance, we would retain all drawings and designs created in the planning.

Once a design has been finalised, half of the cost of the piece is due in order for making to commence.  The length of time it takes for your piece to be finished will depend on many factors, including the complexity of the piece and the current workshop schedule of making.  We will keep you up-to-date with progress, and would be delighted for you to come and visit the workshop during the making of your piece.

Delivery of your item is included in the cost, and balance of payment is due on delivery.  We will offer advice on aftercare, and we guarantee our workmanship.  If you have any concerns regarding your piece due to the design, construction or materials used, we will, of course, make good the work at no cost. There is an inevitable ‘settling in’ of wood, as a natural product, and we will ensure that any adjustments required during the early months of the product’s life are dealt with promptly.

Watercolour Impression of Hall Table

Technical Drawing of Cherry Cabinet

Watercolour Impression of Hall Table