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A pair of sofa end tables, commissioned for Helen, who wanted something modern and interesting for the living room of her beautiful Northern Ireland  cottage.  The initial inspiration was a heavy Victorian partners desk which she had inherited: the piece had a lovely curved front which served as the jumping off point for these tables.  Although the desk was dark, aged oak, we decided to use the lighter, warm colours of European cherry for these pieces, to bring a lighter feel to the room.

By using the curve in both convex and concave forms, the two tables can fit together to form a larger coffee table if required.  The hand-carved sides were inspired by traditional fretwork ideas, and the image of sunlight through tree branches.  The sinuous cutaways also complement and contrast with the natural figuring of the wood.  Finally, the innovative rotating drawers serve to both enhance the curves of the table fronts, and also maximise available drawer space.

A commission of a similar pair would start from £1300, depending on preferred sizes and choice of wood.